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"Discover The Easy Way To Make Money, By Selling Your Own Hot Topic Information Reports"

 Includes Your Own Ready Made Sales Site

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 Videos You Can Watch And Sell

 Niche Ebooks and Articles

 Tools To Create Your Own Exclusive Products

 And Much More

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Dear fellow entrepreneur,

Right now, there are thousands of shrewd people, all over the world - just like you - quietly making money in one of the friendliest and most profitable businesses ever devised.

This business makes some people up to a million dollars a year or more.

These staggering figures are possible because the internet has turned conventional business on its head. You see, if a traditional business, with its massive overheads for buildings, staff and inventory makes a 10% profit, the stockholders open the Champagne and have a party.

But the online business owners have businesses where minuscule overheads only run 10% - leaving them a massive 90% profit.

Now you know that, you can quickly understand just how it is possible for people in this business to make huge profits every year. And here's even better news.

This business is not only highly profitable - it's also hassle free.

Because there is no inventory, no staff, no buildings. In fact there's very little to leak away that lovely profit, which stays firmly where it belongs - in your pocket!

In fact, it's one of the oldest businesses brought right up to date

Welcome to the 21st Century business - information. The hunger for information is as basic a human need as food and shelter. And supplying it is a business that has always been around and will never go out of date. Why?

Simply because the story of human progress from the stone age cave to luxury penthouse has been built on a craving for information on how to grow better crops, make more money, build a better mousetrap.

So you won't be surprised to hear that when a practical way to print books was invented, back in the 15th century, "How to do" books were among the first types of books to be printed.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and - more than ever - people want to know how to make more money, find romance, achieve their dreams - even live as long as possible. And you can make money satisfying this insatiable demand for information.

There's just one BIG problem

It's the chicken and egg situation...

Because right now, you're not equipped to exploit this huge, profitable market. 

So you're going to need to spend many months learning how to make money online. Then you can create your own web site and write your own ebooks giving others the benefit of your first-hand, hard-won experience.

Then the grunt work really begins, because the REAL money (and this is how the millionaire info publishers make those big bucks) is made by having a constant supply of fresh products coming on stream. That means you can sell more and more products to your existing customers.

And - because they've been pleased with what you've already sold them, they'll not only buy your stuff in even greater numbers, they'll also be happy to pay higher prices .

And that - when you're just beginning
in this business - is where it normally falls apart

Because, it takes a great deal of time - and painstaking research - to create a new, quality information product that will satisfy your customers. And this is essential, if you are to get them to buy more products from you in the coming months.

But you've probably only got limited spare time to devote to your fledging internet business, because you're still on that hated job treadmill, working for "the man".

But the only way you'll be able to hop off that hated treadmill and give the boss the pink slip is by building up your internet business, so it supplies you with a full time income.

There has to be a better way!

There is and it's RIGHT HERE and it will allow you to...

Start at the top and save all that climbing!

So just imagine - instead of taking that slow route to riches - you could have it all done for you. Imagine having a whole bunch of fresh products every month. That would mean you could take the express elevator straight to the penthouse suite.

Because, here's a no-brainer way you can claim your slice of the internet riches pie by simply working smart - not hard. Because you get...

A constant stream of fresh, top quality, eagerly sought internet marketing information that you can make your own and sell, keeping 100% of the sale price.

Allow roughly 10%, for the cost of the credit card processing on your merchant account and other overheads, and you'll be enjoying a 90% profit margin - just like those millionaire top dogs.

And it gets even better...

Every single one of the professionally created products you'll have at your command is crammed with red hot internet marketing secrets. So - not only can you make money selling these products as your own - you'll ALSO be able to explode your knowledge on how to conjure traffic out of thin air and generate cash on demand.

As soon as you become a member of the site, you'll receive a starter pack of FIFTY SEVEN Special Reports. Here's a detailed sneak preview of the publications you'll be able to download and read just minutes from now...

Special Report #1 "Viral Traffic Strategies" 43 page report 

Here's where you'll learn how to harness the most powerful - and free - way of creating an explosion of traffic to your web site. In fact you'll actually be using the same techniques used by household names, such as Google. Because there can't be anybody left on line who has not heard of Google Mail. In fact you, or several people you know, probably use this e-mail package. Yet that was propagated worldwide purely by viral methods.

And it works for lesser-known names too. When CareerBuilder wanted to launch their new program, Monk-e-mail, they decided to use viral marketing methods only. And within 90 days of launching their campaign, their web site had received 14 MILLION hits.

And here's where you'll learn the secrets of not one... or five... or even ten - but 18 different closely guarded techniques for attracting traffic to your site, as if it were a super-strong electro-magnet! Only mugs pay for traffic. Smart marketers use the power of viral marketing to get all the high, quality, "pre-sold traffic" they want for nothing!

Here's a tiny taste of what awaits you inside...  

* What viral marketing is and how it works (and why it is so amazingly effective) - read page 3.

* The REAL secret of viral marketing (and why it adds that vital element of credibility) - take a look at page 5.

* How this method can add thousands of bonus visitors you'd never otherwise enjoy (and why it can reach out to groups you'd never reach yourself) - all is revealed on page 5.

* The golden key to viral success (understand this and you'll be well on your way to a million visitors!) - don't miss page 9.

* Good versus bad viral (here's the vital difference you need to guard against) - memorize page 10.

* The software that top level gurus already use to go viral (and how you can compete on level terms) - take a quick look at page 25.

* How to light a fire under the worldwide publicity machine (best bit... you can do it for FREE!) - find out how to do it on page 30.

* How to take your viral marketing off line (why thinking outside the box can pay big dividends) - check out page 31.

* A real life case study (you'll get the full story of how got 14 million hits in 90 days, purely using one viral method) - and it's spelt out for you on page 33.


Special Report #2 "Affiliate Recruitment" 31 page Report


One of the secrets of the million dollar sellers is their army of affiliates. So if you want to hit the big time sooner, the quicker you set about recruiting your own army of super sellers, the sooner you'll make it to the top. So here's all you need to know about attracting - and keeping - the good folks who will help you get rich!




Special Report #3 "Repeat Profits Goldmine" 31 page report

You may be wondering, if your affiliates get a lot of the profits on your sales, how do you become rich with affiliates? This third book in the series answers this is no uncertain terms... it's the repeat sales that build up to a large, regular income.




Special Report #4 "Ultimate Keywords Profits" 45 page report


It's the correct use of keywords that connects you with your best buyers. And it's not so difficult as you might imagine - particularly as you'll have this book to guide you.





Special Report #5 "Affiliate Success Strategies" 40 page report

Once you have your own customers, you can make even more money from them by promoting other peoples' products as an affiliate. So here's a complete step by step blueprint to maximizing your profits.





Special Report #6 "CPA Profit Formula" 43 page report

Cost Per Action can be used to make a great deal of money online very quickly - provided you know what you are doing! So here's the full inside track on how to do it right.





Special Report #7 "Article Marketing Secrets" 47 page report

This is the marketing method that was used by well known internet marketers, like Jim Edwards and Yanik Silver to launch their careers. And it's a measure of how this method still remains as effective today that they both still regularly write and publish articles.

Article marketing is so powerful because you can "pre-sell" yourself and your product, before the reader even comes to your sales page. That's why visitors coming from an article have been proved to be up to three times more responsive as those coming via a paid advertisement.



Special Reports #8 To #57


$550+ Value

There are too many reports to cover them all properly on this page.

You'll receive instant access to our entire collection of fifty seven Special Reports.

With each one valued at $9.95, that's over $550+ worth of in-depth information reports, all available to you as soon as you join.






And that's just the tip of the iceberg

Because if all you could do with these 57 reports was gasp with amazement at the amazing secrets to riches inside, that would be more than enough, but...

... that's just for starters.

Because, not only can you profit from reading and acting on them yourself you can also sell as many copies as you want and keep all the profit.


   You Can Also Use Our Quick And Easy, 100% Commission, Ready-Hosted Sales System

Yes! You don't even need to bother with creating your own web site!
You can use our ready-made sales website that pays 100% commission on all the reports direct into your Paypal account.

* You'll get your own special personalised link to the site.

* Your own PayPal button will be inserted into every sales page (so you can be certain every last cent of every sale is paid directly into your PayPal account) and all the sales pages are personalized with your own brand name.

* Once your customer has paid, the site will automatically deliver their report.

To check out what your site would look like, click here.


And now you've got the products...
we'll help you make money with them - on autopilot!

Earlier, I mentioned how Google used the awesome power of viral marketing to launch their Google Mail service. And here's how you can use that same awesome power to make you money...

Every month you'll receive Private Label reports on HOT topics.

   Example Reports

   You may receive different reports
   as the reports differ each month,
   covering a wide variety of topics


You simply edit these reports as you wish, being sure to add plenty of your own links, direct to your site PLUS links to any affiliate offers you are promoting for extra income.

Then you give the reports away.

Because they are free, there will be no sales resistance at all... and here's the clever part.

You allow the people who took them to also give them away free - provided they leave all your links intact.

So, suppose you give a book to just one person and they give it away to five others and those five give the book away to five others and they do the same.

That means that your fresh, exciting report, with your name and links embedded in it has been given to (1X5X5X5) = 125 people. And that was triggered by just one person. Can you now see the astonishing power you have here?

And here's the really clever, simple and utterly effective - twist to the basic plan.

Because you can very easily arrange it so every single one of these 125 people will eagerly subscribe to your mailing list to get their hands on any future MUST HAVE reports.

So, once again, you are modeling your business on another feature of these million dollar sellers - they all have mega mailing lists often started with the very same viral techniques. That's why it's often said, "The money is in the list".

So imagine if even just a hundred people take your report and start giving it away to others?

And that's how you'll turn your web site into a super-magnet.

And - apart from generating more and more traffic, there are many other uses for your Private Label monthly reports.

For example, you can nourish and delight your list of subscribers with fresh content bi-weekly. This builds tremendous loyalty, so they will eagerly buy your affiliate and any other products you offer them.

And you can break them up and use them as articles. Posting articles on specialized web sites, called Article Banks, has been proven over many years to be one of the very best ways of getting good search engine rankings as well as a boatload of the very top quality traffic - and all for free (you'll get all the insider tricks in the Special Report "Article Marketing Secrets" that comes with this package).

On top of that, you can also sell the reports as your own, complete with your name as author. You can also offer an upsell (for a bigger price) whereby the buyer acquires reseller rights.

And, all the time, your brand name and your web site will be getting seen by more people all the time!

But wait - there's more, because...



You can also diversify into video products

Every month you'll also receive a quality video training product, crammed with essential internet marketing tips.

   Example Video Set

   You may receive a
   different video 
set as the
   videos are different each
   month, covering a wide
   variety of topics


Not only can you benefit from watching the videos yourself, you can also sell as many copies as you want and keep all the profit.

Topics will vary from month to month, but here are a few typical example subjects...

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Creating Your Own Graphics
  • Email Marketing
  • Outsourcing
  • Website Traffic
  • and many more

Videos are in BIG demand.

These quality video sets can easily be sold for $37 or more.

But they come as part of this valuable membership at no extra charge.


And you can diversify into other HOT niches, too

Beside the internet marketing niche there are also some other RED HOT niches - and we're helping you get into these as well.

   Example Reports

   You may receive different reports
   as the reports differ each month,
   covering a wide variety of niches


month you'll receive ready-to-make-you-money packages... all laser-targeted at hot niches.

Typical example niches include...

  • Beer
  • Buying A Car
  • Dating
  • Dogs and Cats
  • Gardening
  • Get Fit
  • Golf
  • Play The Guitar
  • Self Defence
  • Stress
  • Wart Removal
  • Weddings
  • Wine
  • and many more

Many sites will charge you $30+ a month for hot topic titles like these, but these come as part of this massive package at no extra charge.



And even build your own empire of niche websites,
with 200 niche PLR articles every month

In addition to all the valuable niche reports every month, you'll also receive 200 niche private label articles each month.

You can use these articles to build your own websites or blogs, to create ecourses or niche products, or to submit to article directories for backlinks and traffic on autopilot.

In fact there are so many ways you can use these articles that you are only limited by your own imagination

You could easily pay $20 a month for articles like this, but they come as part of your membership package at no extra charge.

Special Bonus: Create Your Own Software Products And Branded Packages With Our Business Software

As a special bonus, your membership also includes use of our special business software.

You'll get full use of three powerful tools that you can use to create your own exclusive software products and branded packages:

Really Easy Software Builder allows you to easily create your own exclusive software for any niche or business.

Instant Profit Brander allows you to easily create your own branded packages from resale rights ebooks, articles, and any other type of downloads.

Ecourse Power Bot allows you to easily turn any resale rights ecourse into a complete branded package, for easy delivery of the ecourse - and ensuring that your ads are seen each time the ecourse is viewed.

After creating these products/packages, you can sell them (optionally with master resale rights) - or just give them away to promote your business. You can include ads in all the software/packages to promote anything you want.

Here's a quick summary of the features of Really Easy Software Builder, just one of these powerful tools...

No experience or ability needed - just about anyone can use it

Create an infinite number of UNIQUE software tools, with almost zero effort

Build software for any niche or business

Build exciting in-demand software, by including weblinks, articles, ebooks, widgets, games and even YouTube videos

Insert high quality ads in your software, to promote your products or affiliate links every time the software is used

Create software then submit it to the "Free Software" sites, to get free traffic and hundreds of backlinks to your websites

Use viral marketing to get other people to give away your software - building your business on autopilot!

With Really Easy Software Builder and the other tools, you can easily create an unlimited number of exclusive promotional software tools and packages.

Let me take ALL the risk

I must make this very clear... You risk nothing in this.

Because all the risk is lifted from you with my 100% "Love it or your money back" guarantee. Your monthly subscription is entirely within your control and can be canceled at any time, with just a few clicks, direct from your PayPal account. So take up to a full month to examine all the books. Absorb all those insider secrets in your Special Reports package and get your own web site set up and watch the sales roll in. 

And if at any time during your first month, you decide you're not 100% delighted with your membership, simply cancel your future subscription payments at PayPal and shoot me an e-mail and I'll immediately refund your first subscription payment, no questions asked.

Fair enough?

Claim your membership now...

So how much will your membership here cost?

You'd probably agree with me that to get all this...

 Fifty seven expertly written reports - a total value of over $550+

 Use of our 100% commission sales site to sell all the reports, with every penny of every sale going direct to your PayPal account.

  Private label Internet Marketing reports every month, allowing you to create a viral vortex of free high quality traffic for your web site and build customer loyalty by giving them to your list - or use them in any other way you wish.

 A hot video product every month that you can watch yourself as an easy way to learn essential new skills - and sell as well.

  Loads of valuable niche reports every month, so you can profit from a huge range of lucrative niches.

  200 niche articles every month, so you can build your own empire of niche websites.

  Full use of our superb bonus software collection

... for just $39.95 a month is the bargain of the century.

But you're here at just the right time...

Because I've just put $20 in your account

Because I'm awarding you Charter Member status. This is not for every one and is only given to early birds, like you, who can see exactly what's at stake here. So, if you take up your Charter Membership today, you won't be charged the full $39.95. Instead you'll pay just $19.95 for your first month's subscription.

What's more... you'll be locked into that low, low rate for the life of your membership. No matter to what level subscriptions increase in the future, you'll never be asked to pay a single cent more than $19.95.

Your golden future is now in your hands

You can keep doing what you're doing, trying to make sense of it all by yourself and spending even more money on every "Super Tuesday Mega Launch" that comes along in the vain hope this latest one really makes it happen for you. Perhaps you're battling the sands of time to create your own product, not knowing when you'll ever complete it or whether it will sell anyway and falling into bed every night, exhausted, after another frustrating day - yet still no closer to your dream of that internet lifestyle with your own ATM on autopilot.


You can seize this rare, golden opportunity with both hands and get instant access to everything I've shown you here. Just imagine basking in that "Christmas morning feeling", just a few minutes from now, as you relax and browse through the member's private areas, with the comforting thought that your own sales site is already automatically set up, ready for you to use to make your first precious dollars.

Overall, I'd say the choice you have to make, right now, is a bit of a no-brainer. Isn't it?

So I'm really looking forward to welcoming you into the site,

Brian Jones

Right now every one is looking to make a little extra cash. So many others are reading this page, right now. And many are thinking to themselves, "Boy, this is exactly what I need to finally get my internet career making real money". And everyone that hits the "Click Here To Order Now" button means one less "locked in for life" lower rate subscription Charter Membership slot left for YOU.

Totally secure payment is through Paypal...

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  Your Automated Hosted Sales System, selling all the Special Reports, with instant payments direct into your Paypal account for every sale
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